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Gratitude and Growth Farm Program Starting In September

We’re excited to begin a new school year in all our curriculum areas, including our farm program. The farm program begins in September and will look a little different this year from how it has in the past. We will continue to have access to the farm and all that it has to offer for our students, but our student’s time on the farm likely won’t start until sometime after September.

As exciting changes take place at the Hampstead Farm, we are overwhelmingly grateful for the support and consideration being shown our school by the community. The Hampstead Community is investing time and energy in MSH, and are a fundamental, essential support to our school and a vital and indispensable component to our identity. We will continue to enjoy unfettered access to the Hampstead Farm and are enthusiastic to take part in shaping the future of the Farm. As transitions at the Hampstead Farm take place this fall, we will be conducting farm classes in the classroom and elsewhere in the community, in addition to field trip experiences and in-class guests.

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