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Art painted by children- butterflies
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hand picking yellow flower
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adult giving small fruit to child
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small yellow flowers
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arts and crafts
Big Green Bus
child hand painted red
to Toddler

Infant/Toddler (12 Months - 3 Years)

The Infant/Toddler environment is a home away from home for children ages 12 months to 36± months. Our classrooms are designed to meet the independent and curious nature of a toddler, allowing them to explore freely in a carefully prepared environment that is just their size.


Students in this program engage in lessons and activities designed to:

•    Strengthen language skills;

•    Refine gross and fine motor skills;

•    Develop independence and confidence; and

•    Strengthen social skills and concern for others.

Under the careful guidance of our toddler teachers, our children engage in practical life pursuits, such as dressing, hand washing, and care for their environment. Additionally, students engage in pre-reading activities, puzzles, art, music, and conversation. Independence is fostered by allowing the child to choose from a variety of activities. The daily practice of these activities enhances the child’s ability to communicate with confidence, move with grace, and develop self-reliance.

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