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Heavy Metal Safety with the Front Door

As we foster independence at MSH, safety is our paramount concern. The main front office door and keypads are for adult hands only. Particularly if you are an Early Childhood parent, please watch your children’s hands around the front door. If your child wants to hold the door and is capable of doing so, please make sure hands and fingers remain well away from the hinge-edge of the door. Similarly, no students should know their family’s entry code. If your child knows your family’s entry code, please request a new one from Adrianna (

Teachers and admin also do our best to keep the half-door closed into the Primary and Toddler hallway. This safety measure ensures that children cannot come into the front office and prevents them from going to the front door unattended. Just as you would not hold the front door to allow a child to go outside on her own, please do not hold the half-door for a child. All children should be accompanied by a parent or staff member before they enter the lobby through the half-door. Thank you for your understanding and diligence with these important safety precautions. We’re enthusiastic about safety at MSH!

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