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August 12, 2015 ~ Parent Orientation

We are changing things up this year. As some of you know, we have a mandatory parent orientation at the beginning of each school year. The purpose of this orientation is to educate families on key policies and procedures in order to minimize confusion and help get the year moving smoothly. Typically, this is done one night leading up the the start of school and this is done with all families packed into one room. Our growth and your comments have us trying something new.

This year, we will offer two different times on August 12th for parents to come in and engage in a more casual orientation. This year, the orientations will be done in your students’ classrooms and will be led by the lead teachers in each classroom. There will be h’orderves offered to help keep the stomach grumbling to a minimum and allow you to focus on the community and messages being shared (as research shows it’s hard to learn with an empty stomach).

Please plan on attending either the 12pm-1:30pm session or 6pm-7:30pm session. You will have an opportunity to meet the teachers, ask questions, and learn about the key policies and classroom procedures to help maximize success for your child this school year.

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