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Montessori Head of School - Montgomery, AL

The Montessori School at Hampstead (MSH) Board of Trustees, in Montgomery, Alabama, is seeking a Head of School to begin as soon as possible to manage the day-to-day operations of a small Montessori school. Our next Head of School should connect deeply with the Montessori philosophy and/or embody the heart-centered philosophical roots that underpin the Montessori philosophy of educating children. Our next Head of School is a collaborative, transparent, inclusive, communicative, driven, entrepreneurial-minded, productive leader that models integrity, intentionality, and compassion. The MSH Head of School leads by engaging deeply and productively in the day-to-day operations of the school.

MSH, founded in 2011, is a non-profit, independent school in central Alabama offering students aged one to six an exceptional education based on proven Montessori principles and philosophy. We have a wonderful community of students and parents located in a beautiful supportive New Urban village development in Montgomery, Alabama.

It is our mission to provide a supportive classroom environment where students can develop a love of learning, high self-esteem, empathy for a diverse world, and a strong understanding of core skills that extends beyond rote learning. Students are encouraged to investigate, explore, and discover, and are guided toward independence and self-sufficiency. Our approach is responsive to individual learning preferences and fulfills our mission by allowing students to learn at their own, best pace under the guidance of excellent teachers in specially prepared, healthy, and sustainable surroundings.

In executing the responsibilities of the position, the Head of School lives out the core values of the school: integrity, respect, honest communication, transparency, compassion, empathy, teamwork, determination, community, competence, responsibility, and creativity.

The Head of School is the chief operating officer for the school and is appointed by and reports to the Board of Trustees. Below are the essential functions for the HOS:

Board – attends meetings, communicating relevant information to the Board and Constituent/Community Relations – interacts with all relevant MSH constituent groups, including parents and guardians, students, vendors, neighbors, military organizations, local educational communities, and staff, to build and strengthen relationships;
Programs – oversees the design, execution, and maintenance of all direct and indirect school programs.
Enrollment – recommends and collaborates with the Board and faculty to meet enrollment objectives;
Staff – cultivates and promotes an internal community that permits effective communication and smooth day-to-day operations; develops and administers programs, policies, standards, processes, procedures, and performance goals, while fostering a community of staff and faculty that ensures the mission of the school is maintained;
Finance/Budgeting – prepares, oversees, and is generally responsible for the school budget and all school finances;
Planning/Analysis/Organization – faculty;
develops, implements, and leads all strategic planning;
Fundraising – organizes, develops, and solicits financial and in-kind support through fundraising efforts and opportunities;
Institutional Image – develops branding, represents the School and educates the public on its mission and programs; and
Program and Service Support – works with staff to create a safe, clean, and effective program while remaining abreast of trends and research in education with an eye toward continual improvement across all aspects of the school.
Alabama Department of Human Resources - working with the Alabama DHR to establish MSH as a DHR licensed facility

You might be a great fit for MSH if you have:

Commitment to an authentic Montessori education

Familiarity and experience with the Montessori philosophy;
Administrative and supervisory experience leading successful teams;
Experience in budgeting and finance administration; 
Strong communication skills;
A genuine interest in children and their intellectual and social development;
Legal authorization to work in the United States;
The ability to pass a DHR required medical exam for working with children; and 
A satisfactory Alabama DHR background check.

In addition to these qualities, we are looking for someone who:

Energetically inspires continuous improvement;
Believes in, supports, and lives the MSH mission and core values;
Has an engaging, approachable, self-assured manner;
Treats others with respect;
Proactively builds and maintains positive relationships with peers, parents, students, and other community members;
Displays a high level of professionalism;
Responds calmly to stressful situations;
Creates and promotes an environment of open and honest communication;

Maintains high standards for personal performance;
Seeks and acts on feedback for self-development;
Takes accountability for mistakes and areas for improvement;
Follows through on commitments in a timely manner; and
Is resourceful and enthusiastic when approaching problems and other difficult situations.


If you are qualified and interested in this position and in joining our community, please submit a resume, a statement of your educational philosophy, and a thoughtful cover letter with salary requirements to the HOS Search Committee via email to Please visit our website ( for more information about our Montessori school.

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