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Montessori Primary Lead - Montgomery, AL

MSH is seeking a certified (AMS/AMI/NAMC/NCME/IMC) and experienced Primary Lead Teacher/Guide to work in a classroom with students aged 3± to 6± for the upcoming 2017-2018 school year beginning in July 2017. In this role, you will be responsible for leading a mixed-age Montessori classroom of children ages 3± to 6±.The Lead Teacher will direct the education for the class and provide guidance and oversight to the classroom’s associate teachers. Leads work 8:00am to 3:30pm with the students and they have a daily planning period from 3:30pm to 4:30pm. The Primary classroom ratio 1:11


Aside from working daily with the students, you will be a partner with families as their children navigate an educational path. This means that you will be communicating regularly with parents to ensure they are able to follow their child’s classroom progress as well as to help them understand the Montessori Classroom and the Montessori philosophy. Being a lead teacher, you are expected to advocate for the students, the school, and the Montessori philosophy.


In executing the responsibilities of the position, the Lead Guide lives out the core values of the school: integrity, respect, honest communication, transparency, compassion, empathy, teamwork, determination, community, competence, responsibility, and creativity. The position is an annual commitment starting in July 2017.


The Lead Guide’s major areas of responsibility include, but are not limited to:

• Establish the extended morning work period and give lessons as needed.
• Establish and maintain a classroom true to the Montessori philosophy, paying particular attention to the needs of the students and the school’s curriculum.
• Implement and update curriculum as student needs dictate.
Plan, prepare, and maintain all units of study, including Montessori materials, thematic units, library books, etc.
• Collaborate with other Lead Guides to provide consistency of education.
• Lead parent-teacher conferences to provide parents with a concise yet thorough understanding of each child's progress.
• Maintain periodic, informal communication regarding students’ progress and maintain an open and honest dialogue so that parents feel comfortable with the daily workings of the classroom.
• Carefully observe and keep daily records on each student's individual progression through the classroom, always being available to offer gentle guidance.
• Complete MSH approved evaluation and record forms during the school year for conferences and the child's permanent record.
• Maintain relevant records in MSH’s cloud-based systems for archival/storage and accessibility by MSH team.
• Establish a harmonious relationship with other Lead Guides to foster collaboration and consistency across classrooms.
• Establish a harmonious relationship with classroom associates to foster a productive classroom environment.
• Partner with other staff members on joint programs, Parent Nights, performances, and other events as assigned by the administration.
• Participate in all school events that are relevant to the Lead Guide’s specific program and/or the entire school.
• Attend and participate in all staff meetings.
• Please note that this position is not restricted to the responsibilities above. The job scope and responsibilities are subject to change.


To perform the position successfully, the Lead Teacher should demonstrate the following competencies:


• At least three years’ experience leading a Montessori Primary classroom
Montessori Certification at the Primary level
• The physical capacity to work with Primary age children, including but not limited to bending, lifting, and working on the floor. Must be able to travel to and from the farm (850 meters each way) and playground (500 meters each way) while keeping children safe in the neighborhood community
• Must be legally authorized to work in the United States
• Must be able to pass a medical exam for working with children
• A satisfactory Alabama DHR background check
• Six years+ experience in the classroom is desired but not necessary for employment consideration
• Displays passionate commitment to an authentic Montessori education, a deep understanding of its tenets, and an ability to advocate its benefits both internally and externally
• Possesses a genuine interest in children and their intellectual and social development
• Exhibits an exceptional balance of confidence and competence necessary to lead and motivate
• Energetically inspires continuous improvement and/or change
• Believes in, supports, and lives the MSH mission and core values
• Engaging, approachable, self-assured
• Treats others with respect
• Proactively builds and maintains positive relationships with peers, parents, and students
• Displays a high level of professionalism
• Responds calmly to stressful situations
• Creates and promotes an environment of open and honest communication
• Displays excellent verbal and written communication skills.
• Maintains high standards for personal performance
• Seeks and acts on feedback for self-development
• Takes accountability for mistakes
• Follows through on commitments in a timely manner
• Resourceful and enthusiastic when approaching problems
• Maintains strong operational processes to keep the classroom running smoothly
• Adapts lesson plans and environment to meet the needs of the students in the classroom


Company Overview


Montessori School at Hampstead (MSH) is a private, non-profit school in Montgomery, Alabama offering children in central Alabama an exceptional education based on proven Montessori principles. The MSH team works together as a team and has fun while educating our children. We have a wonderful community of students and parents located in a beautiful Traditional Neighborhood Development in Montgomery, Alabama.

MSH is governed by a dedicated Board of Directors and began operations in August 2011. As such, the school continues to grow and develop. MSH seeks to develop tomorrow’s leaders by encouraging critical thinking through an experiential curriculum which focuses on stewardship, peace, and global studies.



It is our mission to provide a supportive classroom environment where students can develop a love of learning, high self-esteem, empathy for a diverse world, and a strong understanding of core skills that extends beyond rote learning. Our formal, integrated curriculum affords all students the opportunity to extend themselves when needed while also nurturing them through more challenging experiences. Students are encouraged to develop self-sufficiency and to investigate, explore, and discover. Our approach is responsive to individual learning styles and fulfills our mission by allowing students to learn at their own, best pace under the guidance of excellent teachers in specially prepared, healthy, and sustainable surroundings.



Qualified candidates should submit their resume cover letter along with salary requirements to Please visit our website at and Facebook Page ( for more information about our Montessori school.

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